The overall goal of PRETZEL is to develop an innovative polymer electrolyte membrane electrolyzer (PEMEL) that provides significant increases in efficiency and operability to satisfy emerging market demands. Such electrolyzers are urgently needed in the context of the increased demands of the grid balancing market. PRETZEL is offering a break-through in becoming game changers in the field of water electrolyzers.

The project PRETZEL will innovate in the following areas:

Reduction of precious metalsIncreases availability, decreases CAPEX
Production of optimized current collectors with low cost coatings that will allow operation at high current densitiesIncrease of efficiency and reduction of operative costs; reduction of bipolar plates (BPP) production costs while taking over the water distribution; increasing the power density without mass transport limitation
Corrosion resistant (BPP) without flow fieldReduction of Ti and reduction of manufacturing costs
High pressure operation > 100 barReduction of compressor costs, increase of system efficiency
Innovative hydraulic concept for pressurizing and coolingIncreases life time and efficiency; enables high current density; enables durable large active area cells